Bring excitement to every region in Japan through web3 x airlines!

Airplanes are symbols of dreams and adventure.
We are not just an airline that flies planes.
Through transporting people and goods to the places they want to go,
we aim to create new encounters and interactions, and revitalize destinations.

"CLUB TOKI" is an innovative participatory fan community that utilizes NFTs,
where you can fully experience the charm of airplanes.
Furthermore, we will create new ways to have fun together with our members.

Using NFT technology, we will connect "CLUB TOKI"
with local resources and create various features that will enable visitors
to enjoy the charm of Niigata even more when they visit using airplanes.

As the "CLUB TOKI" community expands, the region will revitalize,
and our members will have more fun.
Please come and experience this groundbreaking system.

How to Join Community

You can join "CLUB TOKI" simply by joining the Discord.
Furthermore, if you purchase an original membership ZFT, you will receive various benefits.
Anyone from around the world can actively participate and enjoy touching airplanes, while also contributing to regional revitalization through a community that utilizes Discord and NFTs.

Community Discord Invitation

toki air nft

This is an NFT art that expresses the beauty of Japan's sky and the joy of airplanes.
By acquiring this NFT art and becoming a member of the "NFT CREW",
you can receive various benefits to enjoy airplanes even more.


For those who purchase the original membership NFT,
CLUB TOKI has prepared benefits
to make it even more enjoyable.

holder benefit

Special pre-flight benefits

  1. Priority purchasing rights for the first flight ticket of Toki Air.(lottery)

  2. Participation in pre-flight training on the ground.

    Please note that depending on the circumstances, this may be conducted after the start of operations.
    In addition, a lottery may be held.

  1. Priority participation in special events.

    - Aerial photography class in a special location
    - Operation room experience
    - Regional revitalization events

  2. Rights to purchase limited edition MA-1 replica jacket for NFT CREW.

    ※Due to the limited stocks available, a lottery may be held.

  3. Priority purchasing rights for limited edition Toki Air merchandise.

  4. Special NFTs Airdrop (Indeterminate).

more to come

Special community on Discord

  1. Information exchange among NFT holders.

  2. Exclusive Event Annoucment

  3. Provision of information such as training flight schedules.

  1. Holders Voting Rights

    - Desired Toki Air merchandise
    - Ideas for community revitalization
    - Desired destinations for future flights

  2. Submission of In-flight Captain's announce

  3. Talk sessions with Toki Air staff.

more to come

Information about the benefits available to NFT holders and provided by the community will be shared exclusively on Discord.
Even NFT holders may not be able to receive benefits if they do not join the Discord community.
There is a possibility that some of the content may be subject to change.

how to buy

Purchasing is easy!
You can buy with a credit card!

*Please make sure to create a wallet (Metamask) in advance.

If you are purchasing with a credit card

  1. step1

    Click the desired purchase method!

    *Prices for REGULAR EDITION and PREMIUM EDITION are different, Please confirm it first.

  2. step2

    Please confirm the price indicated on the sales page is correct and fill out all mandatory fields.
    After double-checking that all your entered details are correct, click "Proceed" This will take you to the Mint screen. Please stay on this screen until it changes to "Minting Successful," confirming your purchase.

    *Make sure to use an Ethereum wallet that starts with the prefix 0x.
    *Eligible credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and AMEX.

If you are purchasing with ETH (Ethereum)

  1. step1

    Click the desired purchase method!

    *Prices for REGULAR EDITION and PREMIUM EDITION are different, Please confirm it first.

  2. step2

    A pop-up screen for purchase will be displayed, so click "Buy with ETH (Ethereum)".
    When the link with Metamask is completed, the MINT button will appear.
    Click "MINT NFT", and you can purchase by selecting the required number from the dropdown menu.

For first-time buyers simple guide t o purchasing NFTs (Japanese Languange)




Our Goals We will promote the creation of real infrastructure through the launch of the airline and digital infrastructure on the web3 platform, and connect it to regional revitalization.

Due to the concentration of people and resources in Tokyo, various problems have arisen, such as depopulation, decline in fiscal strength, and an increase in vacant houses and land in regional areas.
However, every region and locality must have unique charms that are waiting to be discovered.
Together with our members around the world, we will unearth and promote the attractiveness of local regions and contribute to regional revitalization throughout Japan, starting with Niigata.


  • Please tell me the purpose and details of the community's activities.

    In [CLUB TOKI], our goal is to contribute to the revitalization of local areas and regions across Japan through the use of web3 (NFT) and digital infrastructure.
    Please refer to the White Paper for more details.

  • Can I join the community without purchasing a NFT?

    Anyone can join [CLUB TOKI], but the benefits listed in BENEFIT are limited to TOKI AIR NFT holders.

  • Please tell me how to join the community.

    [CLUB TOKI] is located on the external chat service Discord.
    Please access the following URL from a PC or smartphone app to join the community:
    Join the community (Discord)

  • Where I can Buy the NFT?

    You can purchase TOKI AIR NFTs from the "Purchase TOKI AIR NFT" button on this site.
    You will need a credit card or Ethereum (ETH) to make the purchase.
    ※Sales are scheduled to begin around the end of May.

  • Is TOKI AIR NFT tradable?

    NFTs can be bought and sold (secondary sales) on marketplaces such as Opensea.


TOKI AIR take off 2023 summer